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Welcome to the Courageous Souls web site ! Here members will find links to our guild forums, wiki and various resources to help us understand and enjoy thegame we play. The public will have access to some of our content. Prospective members can access open sections of the forums and wiki. If you are interested in joining our guild, please feel free to click on the navigation links above to the forum and post a message about yourself.

We are a group of adults (age-wise) who enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons Online. DDO is based on the Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 rule set with some tweaks to make a real time computer game enjoyable. Many of us have played the pen & paper version of the game. Many of us have also played other similar games known as Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games or MMORPGs.

The forums are a modern bulletin board system. The "wiki" is a guild collaborative area where we can write up notes on various quests, share maps, create character description pages and other things such as guild event reports.


Dungeons & Dragons Online

DDOWiki - Player Supported Game Information

We are post 60 !

DDO Update 8 is out with new content. In fact, the past few updates have added some impressive new features, including races, mechanics, prestige classes. DDO continues quite strongly.

We hit Guild Level 37 !

There may be a hiccup in the board today as Mortas does some Database maintenance.

In other news, Gad and Terror have announced their impending nuptuals. Upon hearing this, 66% of our readers have annonuced their impending projectile vomiting.

Merry Christmas ! Weeeeeeeeeee !

New members are encouraged to register on the forums AND use a member character name so we know who is who. That which appears to be spam shall be considered spam and shot to the can.

Good Hunting !

With the DDO expansions our guild continues to grow. We have been recently successful in gaining an air ship! We currently have scheduled weekly Guild Raid events for every Saturday. A player can squeeze in two raids a week. Many of us reserve one set for Saturday. All levels welcome as these events are to help guildies who might otherwise not get a chance, to have one at the usually tremendous phat lewts !

We continue being a casual Guild friendly to new players that fit our mind set. If interested in joining us on Sarlona send a /t or mail our Guild Leader Mandee or one of our Officers: Mortas, Terrorwind, Gadhaelian or ask about membership of any of our members. You may also post in our public forum. We do like to group a bit first and see how compaitble we are before inviting in new members. We are flexible and have members on at all hours.

New members are encouraged to register on the forums.

Good Hunting !

Our guild is experiencing steady growth - Welcome new members ! Many of us maintain characters spread over several levels so we can group with many of our guildies. Usage of the guild's web presence also grows with contributions to both the forums and wiki.

Much research is going on as we plan our conquests of the unbelievably hard Epic difficulty quests. Early runs have proven brutal but we make it further each run !

The wiki link is now live. Have at it !


The main website is being brought online. It will probably go through some changes so please be patient. This home page is intended to be a simple launch page to the forums and wiki. The forums can be used as an traditonal modern web message board. It is based on the same board as DDO is and has several features. A good one is a calendar where evets can be scheduled. Events for the week will eventually be automatically highlighted on this main page.

The wiki is intended to be a repository for guild memories. A wiki can be easily edited by members, images added etc. like a live web page designer. The engine is the same that Wikipedia uses. Character sheets can easily be added as well as highlights from raid runs or other things that members may wish to share. Site administration is making an effort to share login information so that you login on the forum and can edit the wiki with that if you are a guild member. Currently, the wiki link above will take you the forums only.

If you are artistic or web savey and want to contribute to the site feel free to email the admin or contact Mandee or Mortas in-game for details. Things will be shuffled around. Admin is aware it is still not accepted to have a 300k graphic on a home page ;)

The Courageous Souls forums went live. Please register. It will go faster if you send a message to the admin who your main character is in-game. You may also send a message in-game to Mortas.
Events for:
Flagging help continues. Just post about your goals on the forums and ask in game. Weekley Saturday Guild Raid events continue !

(auto event list feature currently disabled)

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